EduSport focuses on Health & Hygiene; Education; Gender; Child Protection; and HIV/AIDS. Under each area, a number of programmes and project have been designed. The target group for the Organisation is Children and the youth from less privileged communities.

Health & Hygiene

The organisation implements activities that cover a range of topics that relate to general health, reproductive health, and Hygiene. These activities try to help young people feel more positive about their body image, understand the basics of their body and anatomy develop skills for personal and household hygiene, and understand sexual Health. Materials to run these activities have been developed in partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, Population Council Women Win GIZ. Activities are implemented in Schools, Communities and other institutions that where youths meet.


This area stands out to be very important as the organisation tries to develop communities through Sport. Under this area, the organisation runs two programmes to help increase retention. One programme is Education scholarships: funds are sourced from friends of EduSport abroad to help those young people who can’t afford to pay but are active in their communities and are running programmes that help their neighborhoods. Another one is Community Schools Project where community schools are built with help and support from friends of EduSport. In areas where children have to spend hours walking to school, the Organisation in partnership with local communities helps to establish centers that are used as schools. All these programmes are designed to help children and youth access education as well as contribute to the development of their communities. The organization also runs a library project where books are sourced from friends of EduSport and are distributed to partner schools as a way of cultivating a culture of reading.


EduSport is actively involved in the fight against the spread of HIV and other related illnesses. The organisation designed a programme called Kicking AIDS out in 2001 which has now been replicated in many other parts of the world. The initiative is about using Sport, physical activities and games to educate young people on the pandemic, promote behavioral change and enhance their life skills that would help them as they face challenges that come with the pandemic. Under this area, the Sport is used as a tool for Outreach, communication and peer education on HIV/AIDS, focusing on preventative education and breaking down stigma. Materials developed by partners have been developed to run these activities which are incorporated in all trainings.


Since the year 2001, EduSport has been running activities that are meant to address Gender inequality, violence and related vices. Under this domain, a Programme called Go Sisters is implemented as a contribution to the attainment of the MDG3, promoting gender equality and empowerment of women, and MDG 6, combating HIV/AIDS, while also contributing to other goals. The programme contributes to the building of a socially inclusive society where girls and young women can exercise the same rights and access to the same opportunities as their male counter parts. Activities also incorporate girls’ rights and promote girls education. Using a Module called Be Yourself in our curriculum, young people are involved in activities that cover topics that relate to communication, building self confidence and valuing what it means to be a girl or boy.

Child Protection and Participation

Being the target population for the Organisation, protection of children is vital. Young people are encouraged to participate in Sporting, physical and recreational activities. Safe environment is created for Children where they play and learn a lot of skills. Using the Be Empowered  Module, and the curriculum as a whole young people are expose to activities that help them believe in themselves, communicate well, become in charge of their activities, know their rights and know where to report cases of violence. Young people are also given an opportunity to exercise leadership as they are involved in running Action teams and various committees. They take part in planning, implementation and monitoring of activities

Environmental/Wildlife Conservation and Protection

As an organisation that believes in holistic development, living out the Environment, nature and wildlife would be detrimental to the work the organisation is involved in. The Foundation has been working with relevant authorities in trying to integrate sport in addressing issues that relate to the environment. Though still at development stage, the organisation has since inception tried out initiatives of using Sport to raise awareness on issues surrounding the environment. A programme called GreenSport was piloted in Kabwata Constituency in the year 2003 with help of Mr. Given Lubinda. The project was about using sport to encourage households plant trees and gain points depending on how many and how well they planted them. The dream was to see to it that every yard had trees e.g fruits in the back yards there by fighting all calamities that come with bare land. At the time of the pilot, it was hoped that through sporting activities again, a strong group could come up to lobby with law makers to make sure a law could come up to impel all those building to replace trees. Trees were planted in the area of Kamulanga and Chilenje. Once strong partnerships and support is sourced, the project is expected to grow and develop further.

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About UsWe have youth associations in all our areas of operations. These associations run and carry out numerous community Programmes.

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