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We have free education Zambia up the end of the seventh grade while from the eighth grade 8 pupils are expected to pay. It’s at this point when pupils start to drop out of school as guardians fail to raise funds.  Apart from tuition fees, pupils require a lot items to use while at schools like uniforms, schools shoes, books, mathematical sets and many more.


We give this sponsorship to young people that are identified through our community leadership structures in consultation with community parents and schools teachers. In many instances, these scholarships act as incentives for the community that young people do in their respective communities.
Young people are given tasks to carry out like conducting trainings for peers or indeed being a participant in one of EduSport programmes gives one an opportunity to be considered for such.

We strongly recommend that parents/guardians contribute something towards this scheme e.g. Parents raise 50% of the total amount and through our sponsors we raise the other 50%. 
Once a child is put on this sponsorship scheme, we keep truck of progress made; reports are collected from schools and are shared with sponsors. We encourage sponsors to communicate with these children and their families and hear more on how they are fairing.

Currently, we have over 130 children on our Sponsorship programme this year and we have over 20 Volunteers being helped with their careers. Any amount or materials that can help these deserving children is appreciated.

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